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Oak and Eden Wheat and honey Soaked Oak Bourbon Whiskey

Oak and Eden Wheat and honey Soaked Oak Bourbon Whiskey

About the Brand

Oak & Eden was birthed out of an ideal for innovation. We believe authority is released when a creator creates, and we believe everyone carries the spirit of creation in them. Because of that, we pioneered a precious technique that would become the lifeblood of Oak & Eden; in-bottle finishing.

Wood; it's what makes whiskey taste like whiskey. When someone prefers a certain flavor in a whiskey, they are really saying they like the naturally occurring flavors that come from the barrel wood the whiskey was aged in.

At Oak & Eden, we follow traditional distillation and aging to the letter, aging our whiskeys for at least three years in American Oak barrels.

We break tradition in the finishing (or double barrel) process, where instead of putting our fully aged whiskey in a second barrel to add more flavor coming naturally from the wood, we place in the bottle a Spire; a spiral-cut piece of oak fashioned from the same species and treatment as barrel oak.

This allows our whiskey to "finish" or flavor naturally, producing rich, sweet flavors that could only come from the power of wood.

WHEAT & HONEY : Wheated bourbon finished with a honey soaked American Oak spire

Our Wheat & Spire begins with a remarkably smooth combination of 51% corn, 45% wheat and 4% malted barley. Once distilled, we age our bourbon in new American Oak barrels producing a rich, deep yet sweet spirit. After bottling our four grain bourbon, we place an American Oak spire in the bottle, which contains hundreds of naturally occurring botanicals, ranging from butterscotch to vanilla to toasted marshmallows. The combination produces a bold, complex, sweet, slightly spicy whiskey. After bottling our fully aged wheated bourbon, we place a honey soaked American Oak spire in the bottle. The partnership of wood and honey is toasted to the perfect degree, ultimately producing a finish that is deep and rich with subtle notes of candied fruit, vanilla and toffee.


INGREDIENTS: 2oz Wheat & Honey, 4 Dashes of Chicory Pecan Bitters, Barspoon Demerara Syrup

DIRECTIONS: Build in stir glass, stir with ice until diluted and pour into glass. Drop in a large ice rock. Garnish with orange twist for extra credit.

PRODUCT NAME Oak and Eden Wheat and honey Soaked Oak Bourbon Whiskey


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