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How long it will take until I receive my eGift Card?

Once your payment is processed and approved, you will receive an order confirmation. The eGift Card will be emailed to the recipetient email and cc you the same day you choose to send it when placing the order.

Where and how I can use my eGift Card?

When shopping at, enter your 16-digits card number and eight-digits pin code (which will be emailed to you) during checkout.

Can I use the my eGift Card multiple times?

Yes, you can continue placing orders using the eGift Card as long as there is still a balance.

How do I check the balance of my eGift Card?

Once you use the eGift card code at checkout it will show the balance after you click "Apply".

What are the eGift Card limits?

The minimum amount to purchase a card is $25, and up to a maximum of $1,000.

Can I pay my order using multiple eGift Cards?


What if the balance of my eGift card is lower than my order amount?

No problem, you can pay the balance using another eGift card or any payment method accepted on our website

Does your eGift Cards expires?

Yes – the card will expires in 12 months from the issuing date.

What if I have a question about my eGift card?

For any question regarding your eGift card, please contact our Customer support at [email protected]

Can I use a walmart eGift Card on your website?

No. Only cards issued by can used on our website to make purchases.

Who can purchase Royal Batch eGift Cards?

Only customers who are 21 years old or older can purchase a Royal Batch eGift Card.

What if I entered a wrong recipient's email address by mistake?

Once you purchase an eGift card, expect to recieve an order confirmation email. If you did not see this email coming to your inbox, nor in your junk or spam mail folders, please contact our customer support immediatly at [email protected] to let them know. If the eGift Card has not already been redeemed, we will cancel the eGift Card and reissue it to the correct email address with a different card number and pin code.

Can I order an eGift card over the phone?

No, the only method to purchase our eGift card is to navigate to and click eGift card button.

Can I get a cash back?


Can I get a refund against my eGift purchase?

Refunds will not normally be given for the purchase of a Royal Batch eGift Card. However, because we value our customers, your right to request a refund for your eGift Card within 14 days from the purchase date. Refunds can only be issued for the non used eGift Cards and the refund amount will goes back to original method of payment. Our payment processor fees will be deducted from the orignial purchase amount.

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