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LUC Belaire Rare fantome Rose

LUC Belaire Rare fantome Rose

Made in Provence, France, Belaire Rosé fantome is the No. 1 French Rosé in America. Aromas of fresh strawberry and blackcurrant, an elegant effervescence, and a striking deep pink color combine to make Luc Belaire Rosé a uniquely exquisite experience, with a perfect harmony of aroma, taste, body, and finish. The iconic black glass bottle, with timeless painted décor, is instantly recognizable around the world. Luc Belaire Rosé makes for a great aperitif, digestif, or food-pairing wine.

A rich, red-fruit bouquet with an elegant palate of strawberry and blackcurrant. It is dry and refreshing with fine, delicate-yet-persistent bubbles, and an elegant, smooth finish.

In 2013, Luc Belaire Rosé was endorsed by rapper Rick Ross and eventually generated a rapper-based fan group named the "Black Bottle Boys."

PRODUCT NAME LUC Belaire Rare fantome Rose


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