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Glengoyne Legacy Series Chapter Three Highland Single Malt Scotch Whiskey


750 ml | 48% ABV
Whiskey | Scotch

Legacy Series: Chapter 3

Inspired by Sir Arthur John Tedder – The Exciseman stationed at Glengoyne defining the rules of Scotch whisky, inspired by our distillery. March 2nd 1908 – He was first witness at the Royal Commission on Whiskey* and other potable spirits. A royal commission to determine the very concept of what whisky was. On one side was the purists who only thought Pot Still whisky was whisky and on the other side Blenders who thought grain and malt whisky combined was whisky. The Scots and the blenders won the day after 37 sittings; This was seen as the sensible outcome. Blends could still be called Whisky and called Scotch if distilled in Scotland.

We will use this exceptional whisky to celebrate Tedder’s influence in defining what should make a great Scotch during his time stationed at Glengoyne – defining the rules to which we still distil to this day. Tedder would be proud of this exceptional whisky – bottled using some of the very finest American oak sherry casks in our Glengoyne warehouses – and we thank him as the attention to detail and his exacting standards not only creates rules the whole industry follows today, but it inspired the people of Glengoyne to constantly pursue perfection, and helping to create the Unhurried Glengoyne Way.



NOSE: On the nose, signature Glengoyne deep sherry notes which accompany our distinctive cinnamon sticks and vanilla aromas.  A very pleasing combination of mixed berry jam and apple strudel intertwine revealing some pear. 

PALATE: On the palate, a rich luxurious body that’s satisfyingly chewy with warm boozy raisins combining with spiced buns slowly giving way to tarte tatin and smooth cream sherry. 

FINISH: The finish is light and fruity, which deepens with hints of pineapple, dried fruits, dark chocolate and lingering spice finish are the aromatic ‘legacy’ of this wonderful dram before you reach for the bottle and go back for more.

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The Macallan James Bond 60th Anniversary Release Decade V Scotch Whisky

The Macallan

750 ml | 43.7% ABV
Whiskey | Scotch

The fifth decade of a collection celebrating The Six Decades of Bond.

The collection is an exhibition of the most iconic moments across the six decades of Bond; each decade encapsulated on its own packaging. Bringing to life the innovations and inventions of James Bond across the years, the packaging has been colour washed with one of the trending colours of the decade it represents. 

This exceptional single malt whisky has been created by The Macallan Master Whisky Maker, Kirsteen Campbell to reflect the character of James Bond. A force of nature defined by his Scottish heritage, he carries himself with modesty and humility. 

Like James Bond, the expression exudes a sense of style and maturity which has evolved over the years. The whisky is consistent within all six bottles.

Leaving the 90s behind, Daniel Craig embodies the Bond of the noughties. From his first appearance in Casino Royale, never was a card game presented so stylishly and with more tension in any other film. The setting, ingredients, character and dedication to craft combine to deliver an utterly compelling result. 

The packaging design features a dramatic car sequence from Casino Royale (2006), and a digitally sketched rooftop chase in Quantum Of Solace (2008).


NOSE: Fresh and vibrant notes of lemon and lime, a sprinkle of sherbet, leading into a sweet vanilla and coconut, with a hint of dried fig and raisin.

PALATE: Orange zest and fizzy sherbet with a lemon freshness, gentle oak and subtle ginger spice, leading into a deep dark chocolate, figs and baked apple tart with a honey drizzle.

FINISH: Sweet and long with complexed layers.

COLOUR: Suisse (Swiss) gold

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Game of Thrones

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Bladnoch 19 Year Old Lowland Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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The Famous Grouse Ruby Cask

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The Balvenie

The Balvenie Single Barrel Aged 15 Years

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