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The Fukano 10 Year Japanese Whisky

The Fukano

750 ml | 40.5% ABV
Whiskey | Japanese

About the Brand

Founded in 1823, Fukano Distillery is located in Hitoyoshi City, of the Kumamoto Prefecture of Japan on the island of Kyushu. Hitoyoshi is surrounded by mountains and is known for its pure water and nature. Shigeruriku Fukano is the fifth generation of his family to run the distillery. They use a combination of malted and un-malted rice to make their whisky in a pot still. These releases are very limited in nature and only a few casks are bottled each year. For 2016 they have released a few single new oak casks and also one white label marriage of sherry and new oak casks. Fukano Distillery makes a wonderful whisky that is sold in export markets only and is not to be considered as a Japanese Whisky. It is a Whisky that is distilled, matured, and bottled in Japan.

Our Process


Because rice is a clean, sulfurless, distillate it doesn’t require copper stills to produce a drinkable beverage and is instead distilled in stainless steel still and distilled at a relatively low proof. After distillation the shochu, which would be called new make outside of Japan, is then transferred to new charred oak barrels and laid to rest in a warehouse that more closely resembles a Scottish dunnage than a Kentucky Rickhouse.

Fukano 10 Years old Tasting Notes

Appearance / Color : Warm Gold.

Nose / Aroma / Smell: The aroma is delicate but thick with florals, mixed citrus, and sandalwood.

Flavor / Taste / Palate: The palate opens up with a silky complexity stretching from exotic spices and mint to white plum and marmalade.

Finish: The palate is medium length and lingers with notes of marzipan and raisins.

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The Perfect Fifth 31 Year Old Highland Park Single Malt Scotch Whisky

The Perfect Fifth

750 ml | 47.1% ABV
Whiskey | Scotch

This single cask malt offers slightly above average peat for Highland Park, heather honey rich with tannins and peat, and a heavy saltiness. The palate is silky, offering a greeting heavy with smoke and lightly oiled barley sugar, and some dark liquorice sweetness, underlined with exotic fruit. The nose is long and smoky, drawn out with teasing spices and molasses, oak and delightfully softened with phenols at the close.

Nose: Pretty near perfect HP for its age, and one of the best examples of the distillery of that era I have nosed for a very long time. Slightly above average peat for a HP, which works perfectly in its favour. The usual heather honey has been skewed slightly by the heady mix of tannins and peat. The saltiness is profound, the oak a rich, spicy backbone. The sweetness is subtle and still honeyed, but more now a blend of Manuka and orange blossom. Truly magnificent! 

Taste: Scotland’s silkiest malt at its most silky. The bold smoke on arrival is caught in the velvet gloves of the lightly oiled barley sugar, a dark liquorice sweetness spreading as the oak makes its mark. The spices are prim, proper and just so, never moving out of their set orbit while the honey starts to make its long-awaited mark, bringing with it the light smoke; a quick surge of exotic fruit underlines the antiquity with aplomb.

Finish: Long, increasingly smoky with the spices still teasing and forging a beautiful duet with the molassed sugars; the oak beats out an aged pulse but the phenols return to soften as well and entertain.

Balance: This is a malt whisky coming to the end of its life, like a star becomes a white dwarf before the end of its existence. In density is huge…and I mean gigantic. The oaks are about to explode…but the cask has been bottled in the nick of time where the balance is still near perfect. Fine margins…for a very fine whisky.

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The Fukano

The Fukano 10 Year Japanese Whisky

750 ml | 40.5% ABV
Whiskey | Japanese


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