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Virgil Kaine Cherry Infused Bourbon Chef Series Whiskey

Virgil Kaine Cherry Infused Bourbon Chef Series Whiskey

Virgil Kaine started with one goal – to create the best damn whiskey around. Drawing on their culinary know-how, and driven by flavor, founders David Szlam and Ryan Meany, both accomplished chefs, were inspired to boldly blend, infuse and tinker with choice ingredients to craft category-shattering whiskeys. Proving that it’s not about stuffy tradition, but about taking what you know and taking chances.

Each of their spirits is a tribute to their dedication to making whiskey their way. A whiskey they’d want to drink.

Chef Mindset
Founded by two accomplished chefs, Virgil Kaine started with a simple idea: Let’s take our culinary know-how and use it to make great-tasting whiskey.

Spurred on by the latest infusing and maceration tricks and techniques, chefs David and Ryan source the best ingredients and apply the experimentation of a professional kitchen to the art of whiskey making. Everything is just a means to create the most delicious whiskeys they know – regardless of what the industry expects.

True to their Southern roots, they’re honest, unpretentious whiskey makers that aim to be as approachable as they are premium. Sure, they buck the system, but Virgil Kaine Lowcountry Whiskey is for the whiskey lover looking for something a little different, a little rebellious, and above all – damn tasty.

Virgil Kaine Cherry Infused Bourbon

Starting with our full-bodied bourbon whiskey, we macerate Oregon Dark Cherries, vanilla and orange to create a perfectly infused bourbon that is easy to sip. With a rich cherry flavor on the front and a smooth vanilla finish, it’s delicious on its own or can be enjoyed in a number of classic whiskey cocktails.

PRODUCT NAME Virgil Kaine Cherry Infused Bourbon Chef Series Whiskey


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