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Rinna Wines Brut Rose

Rinna Wines Brut Rose

Rinna Wines Brut Rose Rinna Wines Brut Rose
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Rinna Wines Brut Rose

RINNA WINES has an uncomplicated goal: to create delicious, effervescent, high-quality wine that allows people to surround themselves with their favorites and bask in the joy of raw moments. Wine sipped on while having deep conversations, laughing until tears are streaming down your face, and losing that filter holding us back from being our truest, boldest selves.

There are wines you drink, and then there are sparkling wines that share the moment with you. RINNA WINES is a welcome invitation to call up your favorites, get a little uninhibited, and celebrate life. Book that last-minute getaway, live in the moment, and stop apologizing for it. The memories that stand out are always the ones where you feel your authentic self with your inner circle.

Lisa Rinna wanted to curate French sparkling wines that lived up to her refined standards after going on a spontaneous girls’ trip and indulging in the best way possible—with her girlfriends. It’s the spirit in which the wines are made.

At RINNA WINES, we have a passion for great-tasting, premium wine. The grapes are grown and harvested in the South of France and then fermented in stainless steel tanks for four to six weeks. The slow, cool process keeps the wine’s fresh and vibrant style, making for a smoother and bolder taste. Think the quality and sophisticated taste of France, with the flair of Beverly Hills.

An everyday and delicate French rosé that’s dry in style, this blend combines aromas and flavors of fresh strawberry and raspberry mixed with layers of orange citrus and a whisper of spice. All others can move over; there’s a new bubbly blush in your life.



60% Grenache | 20% Syrah | 20% Cinsault

PRODUCT NAMERinna Wines Brut Rose

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Sandra J. 16 September 23

Verified Buyer

Brut Bliss

Pop the cork and celebrate, squad Pure bubbly bliss

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