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Reference Chateau De Lacquy Bas Armagnac Brandy

Reference Chateau De Lacquy Bas Armagnac Brandy

Introducing a 750ml bottle of 100% Bacco Armagnac, aged for four years. This exceptional spirit entices with a robust bouquet, featuring dominant notes of allspice, clove, stone fruits, and a hint of pastry. Its palate showcases a delicate harmony of flavors, including apricot, wood shavings, and stone fruits, with a delightful cinnamon finish.

Immerse yourself in the captivating aroma of this Armagnac, where elegance and authenticity intertwine. The scent reveals ripe grape juice and candied prunes, accompanied by subtle hints of cinnamon that add a touch of spice.

Prepare for a journey of taste as the Armagnac unfolds on your palate. The initial impression is gently sweet, highlighted by subtle vanilla undertones. Experience a medley of wild flowers, fresh prunes, and a compote of apples, all beautifully balanced with a touch of woody essence. The finish is both refreshing and enduring, leaving a lasting impression.

Chateau de Lacquy proudly holds the title of the oldest family-owned estate in Armagnac production, with a history dating back to 1711. The estate's vineyards thrive on exceptional soil composed of light, tawny, marine sand infused with clay and shell sediments. This remarkable terroir sets the foundation for the production of Armagnacs that embody excellence and tradition.

Renowned for their elegance, finesse, roundness, length, and intricate aromas, the Armagnacs crafted at Chateau de Lacquy are truly exceptional. Each vintage release presents a unique and captivating complexity, a testament to the expertise and dedication of the estate. The Armagnacs are carefully aged in French oak barrels, allowing their natural flavors to develop and mature over time. No additives such as coloring agents, sugar, or caramel are used during the production process.

With an ABV of 40.5%, this Bacco Armagnac offers a sensory experience that is both refined and authentic, capturing the essence of this distinguished spirit.



PRODUCT NAME Reference Chateau De Lacquy Bas Armagnac Brandy


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