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Mezcal Real Minero Espadin

Mezcal Real Minero Espadin

Mezcal Real Minero Espadin Mezcal Real Minero Espadin
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Mezcal Real Minero Espadin

Mezcal Real Minero Espadin

About the Brand

Real Minero is a family-operated producer of mezcal that is famed in Mexico and over the globe as one of the finest producers of the spirit. They are based in Santa Catarina Minas, where they employ traditional practices in making only around 300 liters of mezcal per month. They started distilling in the 1970s but the family has been involved in the farming of agaves far longer. Their mezcal is certified organic and they participate in programs that deal with agave reforestation. They have played a large role in bringing back several types of agaves that were thought to be extinct. Today, Edgar Angeles has had the baton passed to him by his late father Don Lorenzo Angeles and continues making the finest mezcal. Their mezcal is made in small batches using small 70-liter clay pot stills. The Mezcal Real Minero Largo is crafted by Mezcalero Edgar Angeles from 100% 14-year-old Largo agaves, which is an extremely rare species of the Karwinski family. The spirit is rested in glass before being bottled, which softens the profile considerably. It's fruity and tropical, yet delicate and mineral-rich a beautiful, premium spirit that is laced with tradition.

Territorially located in the central zone of the state of Oaxaca, in the Central Valleys Region, our community was originally indigenous, although the inhabitants of the surrounding towns spoke or speak the Zapotec language. In this context, it is peculiar that in Santa Catrina Minas today there is no presence of Zapotec speakers and the population is mestizo.

Our town is known by the name of Santa Catarina Minas, in honor of Santa Catarina de Alejandría, martyr of the years 307 AD. Due to the mineral abundance of its mountains, the population enjoyed its peak before the conquest; ironically this mineral wealth was part of its decline.

The first written reference to our community is found in the Book of the priest José Antonio Gay, which documents the visit of the judge Galdós from Valencia, to receive the complaint of more than eight thousand indigenous people who presented evidence of the mistreatment to which they were subjected. by the Spaniards, owners of the mines that existed there, which remained active until the beginning of the 20th century.

Common name of the maguey : Espadín
Scientific name of the agave : Agave Angustifolia Haw
Age of the plant : 10 years
Type of oven: Conical truncated earth
Type of grinding : Electric harrowing
Type of Yeast : Native (spontaneous)
Type of distiller : Clay pots superimposed (Filipino distiller)
Number of distillations : two
Name of the master mezcalero : Edgar Angeles Carreño

PRODUCT NAME Mezcal Real Minero Espadin

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