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Matusalem Gran Reserva 15 year

Matusalem Gran Reserva 15 year
Two brothers, Benjamin and Edward Camp, and their third partner, Evaristo Alvarez, embarked on an adventure to create the highest quality, smoothest rum. Thus, Matusalem Rum was born, becoming Cuba's national rum during the Golden Age (mid-1930s-early 1950s). This era abruptly ended with the coming of the Castro revolution. 140 years later, the name continues to be recognized globally as a symbol of quality.

A carefully guarded secret formula that has been passed down through generations, Matusalem is the first rum and one of the very few today to use the Solera blending and aging process. This Solera method is based on techniques used for sherry, brandy, and cognac, and utilizes a unique combination of aged rums, whose average age is reflected in the Solera number.

Known as the Cognac of Rums, Gran Reserva is complex, but with a velvety smoothness, and a marked bouquet and flavor. Gran Reserva is ideal for drinking neat or on the rocks.

Bottle Size: 750ml


PRODUCT NAME Matusalem Gran Reserva 15 year


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