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Labiette Castille Bas Armagnac VSOP

Labiette Castille Bas Armagnac VSOP

Labiette Castille Bas Armagnac VSOP Labiette Castille Bas Armagnac VSOP
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Labiette Castille Bas Armagnac VSOP

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Labiette Castille Bas Armagnac VSOP

RECENT AWARDS: USA Spirits Ratings 2022 - Silver 86 points

The name Labiette Castille comes from two specific localities belonging to the village of Sorbets (Gers, France) that are called: “Labiette” on the western part of the vineyards, and “Castille”, to the east. Our logotype represents a Knight of the King, paying tribute to the most famous musketeer D’Artagnan.

Our house was founded in the late 19th century by a native family of Sorbets and is owned by the Lesgourgues family since the mid-1970’s.

The house uses the main grape varieties coming from the vineyard located in the Bas Armagnac. Predominantly Baco 22A and Ugni Blanc, and secondary Colombard and Folle Blanche.

The white wines obtained offers good acidity and low alcohol content that are suitable for traditional distillation.

The wines are distilled in a continuous “Armagnacais” column still: this is the perfect way for distilling our wines in Armagnac, hence capturing most of the flavors contained in the wines. Each grape varietal is distilled separately, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during the autumn season until Christmas time.

The freshly “brandy” comes out from the column still at around 60% alcohol.

The “brandies” are then stored in French oak barrels (430L each).
The Labiette Castille Armagnacs age in 100% local Gascony oak. These casks will fit best our Armagnacs, giving them time to grow and to capture the genuine flavors and tannins from the oak. Annually, the cask will lose about 3% of evaporation. This qualitative phenomenon is known as “Angel’s share” (la Part des Anges in French).

Our cellar master, with the members of the Lesgourgues family, oversees the blending (“assemblage”) choosing the different eaux-de-vie that will be making the future Armagnac.
This blending mission is critical in the house’s capacity to create the most exquisite yet singular Armagnacs.

All of our Armagnacs are progressively reduced in alcohol, and most of them are bottled at 40% alc after a non-chilled filtration.

Labiette Castille Bas Armagnac VSOP

This Armagnac is produced in the most coveted region of Bas Armagnac. The aromas display a superb balance between vanilla, dried fruit, and oak. Savor the luscious flavors of oakiness, spice and candied prune.  The Labiette Castille Bas Armagnac VSOP is a cellar master blend of 15 premium brandies; each brandy in the blend is aged from 6 to 10 years in Gascony oak casks

Serve as an aperitif before a meal - neat on ice or slightly chilled. Also, use in premium craft cocktails. 

Produced on the famed estate of Chateau de Laubade, the largest and most-awarded family Armagnac estate in France, this Armagnac is fully traceable from vineyard to bottle.  All four varieties of grapes used in its production - Ugni Blanc, Folle Blanche, Baco and Colombard - are grown, vinified, aged, and blended on the 260-acre estate under the watchful eyes of the Lesgourgues family who have owned the estate since 1974.


PRODUCT NAMELabiette Castille Bas Armagnac VSOP

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