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Kuleana Hokulei 18 Year Old Rum

Kuleana Hokulei 18 Year Old Rum

Kuleana Hokulei 18 Year Old Rum Kuleana Hokulei 18 Year Old Rum
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Kuleana Hokulei 18 Year Old Rum

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Kuleana Hokulei 18 Year Old Rum

A Blend of Aged Rums

Winner of the coveted double gold at the NY World Spirits Competition, Hōkūlei is a sublime sipping rum created to rival the world’s finest spirits. Hōkūlei is a blend of seven rums aged 18-months to 18 years, including our own Aged Hawaiian Rum Agricole.

Hōkūlei (garland of stars) is the name of a constellation of stars forming a lei, which marks the middle of the night sky.

BASE RUMS: To create this kaleidoscope of magnificence, we started with four molasses rums from Panama, Nicaragua, Barbados, and Venezuela. Each was distilled to 85-94% ABV and aged 2-3 years, 3-8 years, 5-8 years, and 8 years, respectively.

BODY RUMS: We added gorgeous layers of depth and flavor by blending in two rums: our very own Aged Hawaiian Rum Agricole made from fresh sugarcane juice, distilled to 50-74% ABV and aged 18 months in ex-Cognac barrels; and a 15-year aged rum made from molasses in Barbados distilled to 90-94% ABV.

ACCENT RUM: To put Hōkūlei in the upper echelon of spirits, we added complexity and intrigue with a lovely (yet challenging) molasses-based rum from Trinidad, distilled to 90-94% ABV and aged 18 years.

NOTES: ripe banana, saltwater taffy, toasted pineapple, lime zest, clove, nutmeg, vanilla, Caribbean jerk spices, mangosteen, lilikoi, Medjool dates, dry sherry, rum soaked raisin, and toasted oak with hints of koji mushrooms

PRODUCT NAMEKuleana Hokulei 18 Year Old Rum

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