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Johnny Drum Private Stock Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey

Johnny Drum Private Stock Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey

Following the defeat of the British at the Battle of Yorktown during the American Revolutionary War in 1781, the territory west of the Appalachian mountains became known as Kentucky County. At the time, the territory was considered part of Virginia, and was overseen by a military governor named John J. Bowman. In order to encourage westward expansion, Virginia issued pioneers who agreed to settle in Kentucky County "corn writs," which granted the pioneers 60 acres of land if they agreed to settle in Kentucky and start farming corn. Within a decade, some 2,000 farmers had settled in Kentucky and were growing corn in an effort to validate their claim to the land. Following the end of the American Civil War, Johnny Drum returned to his native state of Kentucky. Like many pioneers who had settled the state before him, Drum purchased a farm among the rolling bluegrass fields of Kentucky, and staked his claim to a beautiful, limestone spring. After harvesting more corn than he could sell, Drum distilled the excess grains into bourbon. Today, Johnny Drum Private Stock Kentucky Bourbon celebrates the passion and legacy of Johnny Drum. Johnny Drum Private Stock Kentucky Bourbon has an aroma of spicy cinnamon, ginger, oak and caramel. Notes of roasted peanuts, warm cinnamon and vanilla dominate the palate, and are complemented by touches of oak and honey. The finish is smooth yet bold, with lingering spices nestled against hints of citrus and chocolate. Johnny Drum Private Stock earned the Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, and was called one of the "best hidden gem whiskies on the market, "by Drink Spirits.

PRODUCT NAME Johnny Drum Private Stock Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey


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