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Cooperstown Distillery Abner Doubleday Classic American Whiskey

Cooperstown Distillery Abner Doubleday Classic American Whiskey
Doubleday Whiskey This premium, American whiskey is blended several times with our unique aging process which includes oak staves and choice bourbon barrels. This American whiskey is a bourbon style mash bill of corn, rye, and barley. An extremely graceful style, this blended whiskey has subtle hints of allspice and finishes with strong notes of vanilla and sweet caramel. Finished at 90 proof to capture the burnt sugar notes, this whiskey is housed in a uniquely designed and patented baseball decanter, each bottle is individually blown and formed in the shape of a professional baseball, right down to the 108 raised stitches on the glass ball. Every bottle includes an ash wood stopper (used for baseball bats) and sits on a raised pedestal base (all one molded piece) which is a clever replica of an actual baseball diamond, complete with the bases and home plate, pitcher’s mound, and running lanes.
PRODUCT NAME Cooperstown Distillery Abner Doubleday Classic American Whiskey


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