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Bruichladdich Black Art 1992 Edition 29 year Scotch Whisky

Bruichladdich Black Art 1992 Edition 29 year Scotch Whisky

During a time when efficiency took priority over quality, our distillery was viewed as outdated. Prior to its closure in 1994, our single malt accounted for less than 1% of all "pre-renaissance" whiskies still maturing in our warehouses. However, our older spirits have become highly prized and cherished. To honor the exceptional work of our predecessors, our head distiller, Adam Hannett, has meticulously nurtured the finite 1992 vintage on its 29-year journey through various casks. This unpeated spirit has been matured in top-quality oak and its recipe is kept highly confidential, as is customary with all previous Black Art editions. The 9th edition of Black Art is our most alchemic single malt and the oldest ever produced. It is the epitome of the Black Art series and is designated as Edition 09.1.

Tasting Notes

Appearance: The color is a deep russet.

Aroma: The fragrance is simply breathtaking, with tropical fruit, coconut, tobacco, oak spices, and toasted pine needles interweaving to create a complex aroma. Over time, this magnificent whisky releases waves of succulent mango, honey-drizzled melon, warm orange zest, grilled pineapple, and ripe summer strawberries. The scent is tantalizingly fruity and mouth-watering, with gentle oak nuances of coconut, ginger, buttery shortbread, vanilla custard, and a hint of tobacco.

Palate: The viscosity and depth of this dram are unparalleled. The tobacco and brown sugar notes of the oak provide the foundation for the superb fruit combinations to shine. A hint of water and a second sip reveal even more of the intricate layers of this remarkable whisky.

Finish: The luscious fruit sweetness lingers on the tongue for an extended period, with apricot, mango, and baked banana flavors, along with toasted sweet oak, honey, and vanilla. One never wants the experience to end.

Character: In creating this edition of Black Art, we were inspired by the efforts made in crafting the earlier versions of this series, where there was an unrelenting quest to layer flavor. This whisky rested in some of the finest casks, acquiring a delicate layer of fruit before being moved to a new cask. We carefully monitored and tasted it, seeking new directions with each new cask, until it reached perfection.


PRODUCT NAME Bruichladdich Black Art 1992 Edition 29 year Scotch Whisky


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