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Assessing the Superior Choice Between Hennessy Black and Pure White Hennessy

Assessing the Superior Choice Between Hennessy Black and Pure White Hennessy

Assessing the Superior Choice Between Hennessy Black and Pure White Hennessy

Hey liquor connoisseurs! Did you toast the New Year with the perfect blend of spirits, creating unforgettable memories with your loved ones? 

Of course, you must have been! 

Let’s put the New Year celebration aside and have a conversation like friends. 

So, what’re you doing now? 

Back to work! 

Well, we all are. 

But, as a liquor connoisseur, you might be looking for something extraordinary drink. 

Imagine – a warm, amber-hued elixir that captivates your senses with every sip, a drink that becomes a conversation starter and a symbol of your success. 

However, reality is far away from this imagination. A liquor market is lacking an ‘IT Girl’ (we mean hot liquor of the season) that would offer you an experience like this. As a result, this has created some kind of void among liquor connoisseurs. In this situation, we can take an opportunity to revisit some iconic liquor brands. 

What about Hennessy – one of the renowned cognac brands? You should remember that Henessy has been crafting such extraordinary experiences for centuries, blending tradition with innovation to create timeless cognacs. 
Listening to the word ‘Hennessy,’ two distinct expressions would have come to your mind- the enigmatic Hennessy Black and the pristine pure White Hennessy. Both promise a sensory voyage, but which one truly reigns supreme? 
Let’s discuss this. 

Hennessy Black
As one of Hennessy’s popular contemporary expressions, Hennessy Black is the ideal choice to revisit classic cognacs. Introduced in 2009, Hennessy Black led the brand to elevate its vision as it was the first expression not to be made with the traditional Hennessy aging process. 

If you remember tasting this cognac in the 2009-10 era, you would remember how every liquor lover was dying to taste it, especially with cocktails. 

Oh! What a time it was to be alive. Drinking Hennessy Black with a Cocktail at a friend’s house and jamming to Lady Gaga and the Black-Eyed Peas Songs. 

Well! Let us not feel nostalgic about it. It’s better to come back to the topic. Okay! Let’s discuss its distinct characteristics. 

1. Eye: With a dark gold color, you may find it similar to regular Hennessy. But there is only one difference: it is a tad darker and has a lighter hue. 

2. Nose: It has hints of lemon & honey with a moderate touch of jasmine. As you take your mouth to the tip of the glass to taste it, you may also smell a whiff of grapes. 

3. Tasting Notes: Hennessy Black tastes nothing like any other regular Hennessy. It has a fruity taste with a sweet & intense flavor of honey. Simply put, it has smooth, clean, and light-tasting notes. 

4. Finishing Notes: Since it has a smooth and clear profile and tasting notes, the finishing notes of Hennessy Black are fine. Just fine. We mean, it doesn’t have a finishing that will make you feel crazy about it. But, as someone who’s tasting Hennessy cognacs for the first time, it can be an excellent drink. However, we would recommend you make Hennessy Black as a base for a cocktail and then taste it. Man! It tastes exceptional. Royal Batch will share a few cocktail ideas in the future that showcase the mixability of Hennessy Black. 

5. Age: Aged in French wood barrels for five years. 

6. ABV: 43% (the highest alcohol content in any of the Hennessy expressions) 

7. Price: The Hennessy Black is available in most countries, including the US. For a 750 ml size of the bottle, the price usually lies between $40 to $48. Meanwhile, for a 1-liter bottle, the price is around $60 to $64. 
If you want to buy superior quality Hennessy Black in 375 ml size of bottles, you can buy it in Royal Batch. Royal Batch is the top online liquor store in the US, offering a wide range of drinks and liquors. 

Pure White Hennessy: 
With a 70cl glass bottle that offers you a luxury feel, Pure White Hennessy is the most versatile expression of the Hennessy brand. According to the Royal Batch Team’s thoughts, here are its tasting notes. 

1. Eye: Light & radiant yellow honey like-glow. 

2. Nose: It has a sweet floral smell and very gentle & sensual flowery aromas. 

3. Tasting Notes: Where to start? On having a first sip, fresh, fruity, and subtle flowery notes will explode in your mouth. It offers a delightful, delicate taste with complex finishing notes. You may have weird thoughts on the first sip, but as you finish its second sip, Pure White Hennessy will definitely be on your favorite cognac list. 

4. Finishing Notes: As previously discussed, it has complex finishing tasting notes and is exceptionally smooth with a wide range of aromas. 

5. Age: Pure White Hennessy is a VSOP-quality cognac; its range ranges between 2 and 50 years. 

6. ABV: 40% 

7. Price: Let’s share some interesting information with you: 
Pure White Hennessy is only available in Cognac, France, or it may be bought in Caribbean Islands and Bahamas at around $40-$55. 
Most people in the US usually don’t drink White Henessy because it’s not being sold in the US. It is mainly sold on Caribbean Islands, and most Americans can taste White Hennessy when they go on cruises for vacations. 

Final Thoughts: Which One to Choose? 
2024 has just started, and for liquor connoisseurs, it’s another chance to explore the latest cognacs, whiskeys, or vodkas. Since there is a lack of any new good drink in the market, it’s a good idea to revisit some of the old ones. And, what’s the better way to start with the renowned cognac brand – Hennessy? Speaking of Hennessy, there are two expressions that you might want to taste – Hennessy Black and Pure White Hennessy. If you want to taste a liquor that is super easy to drink and gives you much-needed energy to bump your heads on classic rock songs, go for Pure White Hennessy. However, if you’re a chilled type of guy who wants to drink liquor to make yourself concentrate on certain things, Hennessy Black is an ideal choice. Well! At the end of the day, it’s your choice. Above all this, consider Royal Batch to buy a superior quality Hennessy Black bottle of 375 ml at an affordable rate. With years of experience, Royal Batch is the premier online liquor store. We provide seamless delivery to all key cities of the US. So, don’t wait long; contact us to order Hennessy Black at your doorstep.

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