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Big Stick Bourbon Whiskey

Big Stick Bourbon Whiskey

Big Stick Bourbon Whiskey Big Stick Bourbon Whiskey
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Big Stick Bourbon Whiskey

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Big Stick Bourbon Whiskey


Our story starts with our people. Big Stick is owned by Mike Ryan and Joe Baker. Mike is an engineer and inventor. His best friend, Joe, is a retired USMC Lieutenant Colonel of 21 years, and for the last 16 years was with the Navy in the Department of Defense. These friends of 40 years decided to follow through on a shared passion to create a world-class bourbon of their own called Big Stick.

Big Stick begins in the traditional bourbon making method. We source the finest ingredients and age them in charred New American White Oak to our exact specifications.

After experimenting with traditional mash bills and dozens of variations, we opted for a unique blend to offer an unmatched flavor profile.

Big Stick Bourbon is ultra-smooth because before bottling, we add a c­harred New American White Oak Stick into every bottle. The bourbon to stick in bottle ratio is 99.8% equivalent to that of bourbon in a 53-gallon barrel. Similar to a “Double Oaked” whiskey, this added step allows our bourbon to gracefully integrate with new oak for a second time.

This innovative process creates an exceptional and extremely smooth whiskey with rich, enhanced flavors. With no evaporation in bottle versus in barrel; we like to say, “We Make The Angels Thirsty!™” All Big Stick Bourbon is small batch.


With a strong respect for tradition combined with innovation, we are dedicated to creating world-class bourbon.

We intentionally make Big Stick Bourbon at 47.5% ABV or 95 proof. We do so symbolically for our pledge to donate 5% of our profits to charitable organizations that support our military and their families. We love the United States of America and support with gratitude to those that serve to protect and defend our nation.

We realize we cannot solve all the issues that affect our service members and their families from these donations. But if by aiding these organizations in some way eases the lives of the honorable men and women that have served, then we believe it is the least we can do. Please visit our Operation Gratitude page to view a list we have supported and if you are able join our efforts to contribute.



 Our drive for creating a great bourbon is only matched for our devotion to giving back to the military community.

We are blessed to live in the greatest country in the world and recognize the many sacrifices members of the military have made to allow us to pursue our love of making a great whiskey.

To help direct support to service members, Big Stick Bourbon will dedicate five percent of our profits to military organizations.

Semper Fi — It’s not just a name, it’s a way of life.


Big Stick Bourbon is the only whiskey that adds a charred American white oak stave in every bottle which continually improves the flavor and smoothes out the drinking experience.

COLOR: Saddle brown leather

NOSE: Fresh cut oak, spearmint, clove with a touch of cigar box

PALATE: Black currant, vanilla wafers, raisins, caramel toffee, and glazed honey

FINISH: Well-balanced, integrated seasoned oak, blueberries, blackberries, stone ground crackers, and a mix of citrus

PRODUCT NAMEBig Stick Bourbon Whiskey

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