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400 Conejos Espadin Cuishe Oaxaca Mezcal

400 Conejos Espadin Cuishe Oaxaca Mezcal


This ensemble of Espadín agave and Cuishe wild agave was awarded as the best young mezcal of the year 2020 by the “Diosa Mayahuel Awards”.
Full-bodied, bright and with silvery nuances, 400 Conejos Cuishe is smooth, slightly sweet, with notes of mud and wet earth, to which are added notes of cooked agave, light florals and a smoky finish reminiscent of traditional agave cooking. of firewood in a well.


One of the most distinctive profiles within the agave family, the Cuishe or Greñudo variant, has a large size, as well as lance-shaped leaves that open at the top, giving it the appearance of a pineapple. It is precisely because of these characteristics that it is more difficult to harvest and process. In addition, it is also a wild agave so it is extremely difficult to find. It offers an intense flavor with notes of tropical fruit, spices and minerals.

CATA's notes: Full-bodied Mezcal, pleasant to the palate.

COLOR: Shiny silver.

SCENT: Damp earth, smoky, subtly floral and herbal notes.

PALATE: Soft floral notes with sweetness that offers a long-lasting finish.


PRODUCT NAME 400 Conejos Espadin Cuishe Oaxaca Mezcal


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