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1792 Sweet Wheat Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey


750 ml | 45% ABV
Whiskey | Bourbon

In 1876, John D. Willett one of Kentucky's original bourbon aristocrats transferred his interest in the Willett & Frenke Distillery to his son-in-laws, Benjamin Mattingly and Thomas Moore. Mattingly and Moore continued to operate the Willett & Frenke Distillery together until 1881, when Mattingly finally sold his stake in the company to a group of investors. Within a few years, Thomas Moore acquired complete control over the distillery and eponymously renamed it. Moore would continue to operate the distillery for another five decades, until he was ultimately forced to close his doors at the onset of Prohibition. Today, the Barton 1792 Distillery operates on the same site as the historic Tom Moore Distillery, and continues to use the same methods that Moore used over a century ago when distilling his own bourbon. 1792 Small Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is made from a mash of corn, rye and malted barley. While the use of corn in the bourbon's recipe adds classic notes of buttered bread, biscuits and roasted nuts, the heavy use of rye in the bourbon's mashbill yields a more complex and full-bodied whiskey. After the grains are harvested, they are mashed and fermented before being distilled through a copper-pot still. After distillation, the bourbon is aged in new, American oak casks for a minimum of eight years in Warehouse Z on the distillery's estate in Bardstown, Kentucky. Warehouse Z is situated on the edge of a bluff and as a result, enjoys the intense heat and humidity that are ideal for maturing whiskey. "When it comes to barrel aging," says Ken Pierce, Barton 1792's master distiller, "it's just like real estate location, location, location. That's why 1792 ages in Warehouse Z up there on the bluff." In addition, during the maturation process, Pierce samples each cask of bourbon as it rests to determine when the bourbon has reached its peak of maturity. "Quality in, quality out," says Pierce, who has over two decades of experience at the distillery. Once the bourbon has matured for a minimum of eight years, it is brought to proof with water drawn from the Tom Moore spring. The iron-free, Kentucky limestone water the same water used by Moore over a century ago when crafting his own whiskey adds a subtle touch of complexity and depth to the bourbon. 1792 Small Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, which was named after the year that Kentucky achieved statehood in the United States, earned the Double Gold Medal at the San Francisco Wine and Spirits Competition in 2011 and earned a score of 95 points the same as Pappy Van Winkle's 23 Year Old Bourbon at the Ultimate Spirits Challenge in 2012. "Hope you enjoy the taste as much as I do," says Pierce. Enjoy a great bourbon today!


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Ming River Sichuan Baijiu Spirits

Ming River

750 ml | 45% ABV

The Luzhou Laojiao Distillery is situated in the lush river town of Luzhou, in southwestern China's Sichuan Province. The winemaking traditions of Luzhou spans almost two thousand years, with luminaries such as Guo Huaiyu the creator of big qu baijiu in the fourteenth century and Shi Jingzhang inventor of pit fermentation baijiu in the fifteenth century laying the foundations of this special spirit. The Luzhou distillery is famed for its 1,000-year pit, 10,000-year mash technique involving optimizing the fermentation process that develops flavor over time. In the 1950s Luzhou Laojiao trail-blazed the first modern guide to baijiu production,Luzhou Laojiao Big Qu Spirits, inspiring distillers across China. Baijiu (pronouncedbye-jyo) means white spirits in Mandarin. The secret ingredient in baijiu is qu (pronounced chew), a naturally harvested culture of airborne yeasts and other microorganisms. It makes the taste and scent of every baijiu highly specific to the place it was created. Qu also allows Chinese distillers to ferment and distill grains in a solid state, which creates incredible complexity of flavor. There nearly a dozen distinctive regional styles of baijiu, but there are four major styles: strong aroma, light aroma, sauce aroma, and rice aroma. A balanced and complex spirit, Ming River is the original Sichuan baijiu. Each batch starts with locally harvested red sorghum grain and the purest waters from protected wells. It is fermented in earthen pits with naturally harvested yeast cultures native to Luzhou that impart the distinctive terroir of Sichuan style baijiu. After two months, the mash is unearthed and distilled in small batches using a traditional Chinese pot still. The spirits age for up to two years before the master blender balances them into Ming River's distinctive flavor. The result is an uncompromisingly bold spirit with notes of pineapple and anise with a lingering mellow finish. Perfect neat alongside spicy cuisine or in a cocktail, this baijiu evokes Sichuan with each sip. Pick up your bottle today!


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Cotswolds Peated Cask Single Malt Whiskey


700 ml | 59.6% ABV
Whiskey | Single Malt

A tale of passion

Nestled amongst the rolling hills of the Cotswolds countryside, the Cotswolds Distillery was born from a dream to produce delicious spirits in one of the most beautiful regions in the world.

From hedgefunds to HEDGEROWS
It all started back in 2014, when our founder Dan, a native New Yorker and whisky connoisseur, had moved to the Cotswolds after working in finance in London for many years. Seeking to leave behind that world and spend more time in the picturesque countryside of the Cotswolds with his family, it eventually dawned on him that he could combine his love of whisky with his desire to start a new business. A dedicated whisky fan, Dan saw the fields of golden barley around his house in the Cotswolds and had a brainwave ‘I suddenly thought, there’s barley all over the Cotswolds and nobody’s distilling it, let’s be the first!’ Having found a derelict site near his house, he set about building a distillery and a team to run it, and the doors of the Cotswolds Distillery opened in July 2014.

Launching our WHISKY
After three years of eager anticipation, in October 2017 we released our Cotswolds Signature Single Malt Whisky, the first whisky ever to be distilled in the Cotswolds and the one which remains at the heart of our DNA. In the years since its launch, we have expanded our range of single malt whiskies to include our Cask Collection comprising four unique cask expressions, a yearly limited edition Hearts & Crafts series drawing inspiration from the Arts & Crafts movement, and hand-picked single cask releases.

Aged for full term maturation in ex-peated quarter casks, our Peated Cask Single Malt Whisky is part of our Cask Expressions Collection. A delightful and moreish cask strength single malt with subtle hints of peat smoke on the palate which complement the vanilla notes from the oak and the fruitiness of our single malt spirit. Think 'smoky vanilla ice cream', as our distillers like to describe it!


Malt: 100% locally grown, traditionally floor malted barley from the Cotswolds.

Yeast: Two complementary varieties - Anchor and Fermentis - to ensure good yields and excellent fruity flavors.

Water: Village water supply - filtered, softened and demineralized before use.

Wood: Ex-peated quarter casks from Islay, Scotland.


NOSE: Vanilla with light charring and a touch of dried fruits and spice.

PALATE: Creamy peat smoke layered with light fruits and tannin-rich wood.

FINISH: Lasting finish of smoking embers, floral honey and woody sugars.


Best enjoyed on it’s own, but we don’t believe in rules when it comes to drinking whisky – sip this neat, over ice, in a cocktail – however you like!

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Warbringer Bourbon Warmaster Edition

750 ml | 57% ABV
Whiskey | Bourbon


Smirnoff Sours Berry Lemon Vodka 1L

1000 ml | 30% ABV


MIAMI COCKTAIL Bellini Spritz (4 Pack) 250ml

250 ml | 4.2% ABV
Ready To Drink | Canned Cocktails

Woody Creek

Woody Creek Distillers Gin

750 ml | 40% ABV

Arta Tequila

Arta Extra Anejo Tequila

750 ml | 40% ABV
Tequila | Extra Anejo


Cinzano 1757 Vermouth Di Torino Extra Dry 1L

1000 ml | 16% ABV
Liqueur | Vermouth


1792 Sweet Wheat Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

750 ml | 45% ABV
Whiskey | Bourbon


Willett Family Estate 7 Year Old Bourbon Limited Bottling

0 ml | 66.7% ABV
Whiskey | Bourbon


Cotswolds Peated Cask Single Malt Whiskey

700 ml | 59.6% ABV
Whiskey | Single Malt

Midnight Moon

Midnight Moon Blueberry Moonshine

750 ml | 35% ABV
Whiskey | Moonshine

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